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Tree Frog Social Instagram Growth Service Review

Our Grade – A-

A well-established, trustworthy service that many of us have used personally.

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At a Glance

Tree Frog Social has been in business since 2017, predating nearly every other managed growth provider. It’s one of the few operators in this space that has personality and a brand that is memorable. The customer service team has a reputation of being stern but the results speak for themselves. The team is considered one of the best in the business.

Business Analysis

Growth TypeHybrid/Managed
Quality of ServiceHigh
Business Registry / LocationYes, New Jersey
Traceable TeamYes
Functioning PhoneYes
LongevitySince 2017
Doesn’t Misuse IG BrandingTrue
Active BlogYes
External SitesFB
Dashboard / Account ManagementNo
Offsite TestimoniesTrust Pilot
Forthcoming About Password HandlingYes


Tree Frog Social is known to have cheap prices. In our opinion, it’s the best bang for your buck in the space. A long time ago, $30 per month seemed to be the benchmark for all services, but when you consider that Tree Frog hasn’t seemed to increase their prices since they opened, and still offer a $1 first month with the code treefrog1, it’s too good too ignore.

They also offer discounts for longer-termed plans, though we don’t recommend these unless you’ve already had a pleasant experience with a trial plan.

Service Details

The main focus with their plans is that they guarantee exposure rather than pure follower numbers. This is good. It means that they aren’t promising something they can’t deliver. The rest of the features in the more expensive plans can be useful for those with larger budgets, but the real value is the $29.99 per month plan.

Tree Frog Social has been described as a “Hybrid” service. Our experiences have been positive and the results generally beat out services that cost five or even eight times as much. Though the targeting isn’t always precise, we are in agreement that the quality of followers beats out other services. We think the business employs a variety of methods including growth specialists, engagement groups, and influencer marketing.

The main negative is that Tree Frog’s cancelation process, though automated and instant, can be annoying to deal with. They also can take up to 72 hours to set up accounts. Tree Frog doesn’t offer a user dashboard either, but targeting updates can be processed elsewhere.

We talk about value here a lot. Why would you pay $100 or $200 per month when Tree Frog is going to do the same thing for $29.99?

Integrity & Reputation

Tree Frog seems to do everything right. There are no ridiculous promises or outlandish claims on their website. The business is traceable and the website has only changed slightly from when they first opened.

They have an active blog, Facebook, and Twitter with content writers who all seem to be real people, which is unheard of.

There are some negative trust pilot reviews, but I noticed that each and every one was responded to nearly immediately with an extremely detailed response. The business does have a reputation of being terse with customers, but they claim they’ve responded to 100% of all support tickets and Facebook chat messages over the last four years.

We messaged the company via Facebook and even called them on the phone number listed on their website. They responded to the chat fairly quickly. What really impressed us was that they were the only business that actually picked up the phone when we called.


Tree Frog Social is one of the leaders in the growth space. The prices are excellent, the service is safe, the customer support seems to be effective, and the results are on par with most of the more expensive services.

We recommend this service but have landed on an A- rating. If you have had a personal experience with Tree Frog, feel free to contact us. We don’t suppress comments like other review sites.

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