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The Efficient Social Instagram Growth Service Review

Our Grade – D

A suspicious new service that should be approached with caution.

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At a Glance

The Efficient Social not only has an awful name, but it also has an awful website. The business provides a hodgepodge of services, offering instant growth and power likes alongside organic growth. Pitched this way on such a basic website at such cheap prices, it’s hard to see the value.

Business Analysis

Growth TypeHybrid Growth / SaaS
Quality of ServiceN/A
Business Registry / LocationJudging by the language used, probably India
Traceable TeamLikely single owner
Functioning PhoneNo
LongevityBased on web archives, it is hard to pinpoint when the business started operating, but you can be assured that it has never been a popular site.
Doesn’t Misuse IG BrandingTrue
Active BlogNo
External SitesNo
Dashboard / Account ManagementNo
Offsite TestimoniesNone
Forthcoming About Password HandlingNo


The prices are cheap. However, the descriptions leave a lot to be desired. “Real niche followers” can’t be guaranteed by anybody. The only difference between the plans is the estimated number of followers, which strongly suggests a basic automation service.

What could they possibly do to offer so many followers on their most expensive plan? Hint: they probably send you some fake activity, since they sell that too.

They also claim that they’ll beat any competitor’s price, which gives away that it’s a bot service.

Service Details

In addition to “Organic Growth” services, The Efficient Social also offers separate “Instant Growth” and “Superlikes” services.

Frankly, if you’re going to stoop so low as to buy fake activity, you should use a trusted provider. Likewise, if you’re going to use an organic growth provider, you should use an established one with respectable reviews.

Integrity & Reputation

It’s hard to trust a website that seems slapped together. It’s a very generic website with no identifiable team members or owner or even a business location. It’s a basic Wix site which causes our suspicions to grow.


Though some hybrid service providers might be highly effective, this isn’t one we can get behind. If it’s maintained at all, it’s staffed by a small team who can’t possibly offer quality of service in line with some of the more major players.

There are more, ahem, efficient ways to allocate your marketing budget.

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