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Assistagram Instagram Growth Service Review

Our Grade – C

This is a premium agency that can’t be a scam like the high-volume Instagram growth services, but we’re suspicious.

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At a Glance

We first learned of Assistagram a few years ago. Though it seems like a typical marketing agency with a millennial flare, and generally wouldn’t be something we reviewed, the web presence of this company has us curious about what’s really going on here.

To be clear, we’re not aware of anyone having been scammed by this service and normally we wouldn’t even review a full-service agency like this. Something is just a little … off.

We don’t think it’s particularly fair to review marketing agencies without having tried them or spoken to them, so this review is written strictly from an outsider’s perspective. We will modify this review if Assistagram furnishes any information that we think is important.

Business Analysis

Growth TypeAgency
Quality of ServiceUnknown
Business Registry / LocationDes Moines, Iowa
Traceable TeamYes – Owner is Zach Benson
Functioning PhoneYou can schedule calls
Longevity3+ years
Doesn’t Misuse IG BrandingFalse, “gram” in name
Active BlogNot since 2019
External SitesNo
Dashboard / Account ManagementNo
Offsite TestimoniesNo
Forthcoming About Password HandlingN/A


This is a bespoke service that does not display prices on the website. We don’t find this particularly suspicious, though it is unprecedented in the Instagram growth industry.

Service Details

Assistagram claims to be a full-service Instagram agency.

Seems a little… I don’t know. I can’t put my finger on it, but something here is rubbing me the wrong way. There’s too much salesmanship backed up by nothing aside from the claim of having serviced “over 517 accounts.”

The full service offering is quite impressive and transcends any basic bot services.

For me, what it comes down to is that the website is extremely basic and even unprofessional for someone actually trying to attract luxury clients with huge budgets. It seems more pitched toward small wannabe-influencers who will pay a lot of money for things and never complain because they have no idea what they’re doing.

Integrity & Reputation

Let’s start with this claim:

Assistagram is an Instagram marketing agency with a network of 220 million Instagram followers to drive brand awareness, leads, and sales.

Main header on Assistagram’s front page

This doesn’t make any sense. What does it mean for an agency to have “a network of 220 million Instagram followers”? Can someone please explain that? There’s a lot of social media experience on our team here and we can’t decipher what is meant by this or why an agency would claim this.

Next, we have the classic “bar of lies”:

Except, amazingly, these articles are real–Assistagram paid for the placements! Yes, you can do that. All the other services we review just lie about their non-existent features. Here is the Forbes article that they paid for.

The claim from the 2018 Forbes article was that in one picture the founder was “drinking tea while traveling in Bali and running his seven-figure business.” Since, back in 2018, that was how everyone who was full of shit talked, it leaves me suspicious of the founder.

Is this someone I want to trust with my money or my Instagram account? No. Is this someone a fake influencer would be likely to pay? Absolutely.

Even though all of these articles are extremely generic and all seem to be paid placements, you can view more of them on the founder’s personal website.

As you would expect, the website doesn’t have an active Trustpilot page because it doesn’t have all that many customers. It’s a different type of service. However, the website does contain some fake, cheap-actor “influencer testimonials.” I’m not even going to link it. Just look at the picture.

The website itself hasn’t been updated seemingly since we first viewed it several years ago. The blog hasn’t been updated since 2019.

When you click the Instagram link on the website it just sends you to the owner’s Instagram. Thanks to his paid news article placements, he has a blue check on Instagram. He is now known as the “Maldives Mastermind.”

You can’t make this shit up. Not somebody I want to pay to manage my social media profiles. But this begs the question …

How funny would it be if behind this facade, this guy was just running follow-unfollow bots on your account to grow your Instagram? The site’s blog stopped updating right around when the last large Instagram change was, so your guess is as good as mine.


Overall, this is a bizarre service that seems bespoke but is shrouded in secrecy behind the founder’s cult of personality. Until we see some real results or proof of what they’re doing, we have a hard time recommending this service to anyone.

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