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Bigbangram Instagram Growth Service Review

Our Grade – F / X

Though this service pitches itself as a standalone provider, it actually seems to be a front for Russia-based SMM panels and related affiliate webpages.

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At a Glance

Bigbanggram is very hard to understand, maybe because it is based in Russia. It seems like an Instagram growth service / software agency. As you read the detailed descriptions, it becomes more clear that the website might just be a front for other services. Once you click some of the links, you’ll be taken to other websites seemingly at random. We can’t pin down exactly what’s going on here.

We had this realization after we started writing this review. We will continue writing this review but with limited information.

Business Analysis

Growth TypeAffiliate Website
Quality of ServiceUnknown
Business Registry / LocationRussia
Traceable TeamNo
Functioning PhoneNo
LongevitySince 2017
Doesn’t Misuse IG BrandingFalse
Active BlogNo
External SitesMany
Dashboard / Account ManagementN/A
Offsite TestimoniesN/A
Forthcoming About Password HandlingN/A

Service Details

Bigbangram contains links to many different types of social media services. These services include post scheduling, Instagram unfollowing, Instagram growth bots, TikTok promotion, and Instagram downloaders.

It seems that most of the links on the website contain affiliate codes to somewhat-well-known services like Ingramer.

Integrity & Reputation

All I could find about this service is that it is based in Russia. That was made somewhat clear by the Cyrillic alphabet being used by default in some of the links on the site. There is also an address listed:

Tulskaya 2
Moscow, 480013 Russia

My understanding of this address is that this is just a massive soviet-era apartment building in Moscow, there’s no specific street address. Let’s see if LinkedIn turns up anything interesting.

Ah, that was easy. Some Belarusian works at both Ingramer and BigBangram. It’s safe to assume that the services are related.


This is a strange website that we don’t recommend visiting for any reason. Knowing that this website shares an employee with Ingramer causes us to question the integrity of both websites.

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