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Popamatic Instagram Growth Service Review

Our Grade – X

This service is no longer accepting new customers and was replaced by IGClerk, which we’ve already written a review for.

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At a Glance

Popamatic was an Australianm Instagram growth service that claimed to grow accounts by hand using their “team of assistants.”

Nearly all the material from Popamatic was copied over to IGClerk, so this won’t be a particularly thorough review.

Business Analysis

Growth Type“By Hand” which is actually performed by bots
Quality of ServiceLow
Business Registry / LocationAustralia
Traceable TeamNo
Functioning PhoneNo
Longevity1 year
Doesn’t Misuse IG BrandingTrue
Active BlogNo
External SitesIGClerk
Dashboard / Account ManagementNo
Offsite TestimoniesNo
Forthcoming About Password HandlingNo

Integrity & Reputation

I feel like this Reddit user summarized things pretty well. This service was too good to be true. The “team” page where they list a bunch of generic pictures that they scraped from elsewhere on the internet is just creepy. People will go to great lengths to fool people on the internet.

I find it humorous that “Ana” went from being a “Virtual Assistant” to “The Lawyer” in the rebooted site. Congratulations, Ana.


This service is no longer operating and we recently received work that IGClerk has also shut down. This is good news for everyone except the people who were running these dishonest businesses

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