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We Grow Social Instagram Growth Service Review

Our Grade – X

Though the website is still live, it seems impossible to proceed to the payment page

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At a Glance

We Grow Social is an Instagram growth service that claims to grow your following in a 100% compliant way using… Instagram ads?

This makes little sense since any ad campaign will have a relatively-high fixed cost just to run the ads. If you’re an agency that specializes in managing ad campaigns, why not just say that? Unless…

“We Grow Social works around the clock to grow your Instagram followers using FB & IG Ads, advanced targeting, and the management of the interactions with your target audience”

Reading between the lines, part of me doubts that they run ads at all.

Business Analysis

Growth Type“Organic Ads”
Quality of ServiceLow
Business Registry / LocationCalifornia / We Grow Social LLC
Traceable TeamNo
Functioning PhoneNo
Longevity2 Years
Doesn’t Misuse IG BrandingTrue
Active BlogLinks to defunct
External SitesNo
Dashboard / Account ManagementNo
Offsite TestimoniesNo
Forthcoming About Password HandlingNo


This is worth talking about since we never see it. They’ll create some ads for you but they leave completely vague who is responsible for paying for the ads. This seems like an ad manager service, but what’s this “customized campaign running around the clock?” Strikes me as some type of automated activity.

Service Details

This business claims to manage ad campaigns for you but this is likely a front for a basic bot service offered at an inflated price. If you’re just running $50-100 in ad campaigns, an individual can easily do this himself. There’s no reason to bring in a faceless PR company just to help with a little design work.

The language on the website strongly suggests they’re just going to run a bot on your account. Also, giving someone access to your account with ad manager access used to give them free reign in being able to spend credits linked to your card on file. The website doesn’t mention this or any other logical points that would get raised if they actually ran a legitimate business.

Integrity & Reputation

This service doesn’t still seem to be accepting customers, so most of this is moot.

The business is supposedly registered to We Grow Social LLC. We were unable to locate a record of this company. The listed location appears to be an apartment building in Vista, California. It’s impossible to locate any team members or any other company records on LinkedIn.

There is also no record on review platforms, which suggests this business is very old and was mostly shut down prior to 2019.


This service is no longer operating but likely was operating on a false premise.

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