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SocialMonk Instagram Growth Service Review

Our Grade – D

Operating on a false pretense with too many negative reviews to ignore.

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At a Glance

Socialmonk is a German Instagram growth service that claims to provide you with a personal Instagram manager for an incredibly cheap price.

Seems promising! Unfortunately, we think it’s too good to be true. Socialmonk has a basic website and terrible reviews. We suspect it’s a small service just running a bot on your account.

Business Analysis

Growth Type“Personal manager”
Quality of ServiceLow
Business Registry / LocationMunich, Germany
Traceable TeamYes, if you really search
Functioning PhoneNo
Longevity1+ Year
Doesn’t Misuse IG BrandingTrue
Active BlogNo
Dashboard / Account ManagementNo
Offsite TestimoniesTrustpilot
Forthcoming About Password HandlingNo


Socialmonk offers weekly and monthly pricing options.

These monthly prices are attractive when you’re being promised “100% manual care” and a “personal account manager.” These prices are meaningless if you just have to deal with someone’s cheap bot.

Service Details

The service claims to give you a “personal” account manager. What does that mean? That each customer gets their own account manager? Even if they had a small team, tapping hundreds of times per customer per day is exhausting. You have to pay the employees something. Yet, there are no employees to be found anywhere on the site or LinkedIn.

Integrity & Reputation

I found the business registry and it just appears to be an apartment in Munich. Nothing wrong with that, but a little sketchy for a place that claims to provide personal account managers. Why wouldn’t your business be in an office somewhere?

Tracing back to the agency’s website, it’s extremely basic. It does list the three owners, two of whom share the same last name. None of them seem to be on LinkedIn and the company isn’t on LinkedIn at all. I would expect such a masterful service to have employees who were proud to list their involvement on that site.

The main reason we know they’re just running a bot is that there’s pretty much no way you could run a profitable business on $40 per month while providing every employee with phones and internet and a living wage. It’s just not possible. That’s why Ampfluence charges 5 times what these people do.

Also, Trustpilot. The reviews suck.

Unfortunately, most of the negative reviews are in German or other foreign languanges. I don’t think you need to be able to speak German to understand this one:

“Absolute Katastrophe”

The responses to negative reviews are very weak and whichever founder is responding to reviews does nothing to build confidence in this service not being a scam.


Most Americans won’t have heard of this service as it primarily serves a German audience. We recommend that everyone stays away. It’s a shabby and futile attempt to convince unsuspecting users that there is a real person managing your account, when it actuality, it’s a bot. Unfortunately, many angry customers leaving negative reviews don’t seem to grasp this, which is why sites like ours are so important! It’s not a matter of your personal, 100%-human account manager being busy or incompetent, it’s that your account manager is a German guy pressing the play button on an automation program.

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