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NR Media Agency Instagram Growth Service Review

Our Grade – B-

While we see no reason not to trust this business, this strikes us as an add-on service from a full-service agency and there’s just no way the results or customer service will justify the price tag.

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At a Glance

NR Media Agency is a US-based social media marketing agency that happens to offer an Instagram growth service. Since this product seems to be a minor offering of theirs, the company as a whole should not be judged based on this brief overview.

Business Analysis

Growth TypeSaaS
Quality of ServiceUnknown
Business Registry / LocationChicago, IL
Traceable TeamYes
Functioning PhoneYes
LongevitySince 2014
Doesn’t Misuse IG BrandingTrue
Active BlogNo
External SitesLinkedIn
Dashboard / Account ManagementNo
Offsite TestimoniesNo
Forthcoming About Password HandlingNo


This service costs $97/mo, which is on the expensive side. The going rate for automation services is about $50, which is still not cheap considering you can run one yourself practically for free.

Service Details

This is a run-of-the-mill growth service offering from a marketing agency. The agency only has two employees, so it’s obvious that the 24/7 aspect is performed while nobody is watching.

Integrity & Reputation

We see absolutely no reason not to trust this business! From what we can tell, this is an honest agency supported by full-time staff. Of course, the only dishonest part is not telling potential customers that this type of thing is against Instagram’s rules–this is why we suspect larger agencies just don’t bother. It’s not worth having to explain why a client’s account was blocked while charging them $100 per month.


Though this service isn’t doing anything wrong, we can’t recommend paying $100 per month from such an unknown, localized provider. I’m happy to see smaller agencies wading into the software space, but there’s no evidence supporting why a purchase here would be worth the time or money.

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