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Jumper Media Instagram Growth Service Review

Our Grade – C-

Service with unique sales model lies about what it offers and has a litany of dissatisfied customers.

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At a Glance

Jumper Media is US-based marketing agency primarily providing Instagram growth services. Unlike most services we review, which are usually clear-cut scams or well-known providers, Jumper required a lot of analysis!

If you don’t feel like reading further, our most important conclusion is that they definitely aren’t growing accounts by hand, in one huge contradiction that is exhausting to unravel. There are dozens of customer reviews supporting our conclusion.

Business Analysis

Growth Type“Growth by Hand”
Quality of ServiceLow
Business Registry / LocationSan Diego, CA
Traceable TeamYes
Functioning PhoneNo
Longevity2+ Years
Doesn’t Misuse IG BrandingTrue
Active BlogKind of
External SitesFacebook
Dashboard / Account ManagementUnknown
Offsite TestimoniesTrustpilot
Forthcoming About Password HandlingNo


Jumper Media’s pricing is hidden but since they have a large team and premium pitch it’s likely they’re charging well over $100 for their cheapest plan. We think this is kind of silly since they’re almost definitely running a bot and upselling it as if it’s some bespoke service.

You must set up a call with Jumper Media in order to hear prices. It’s likely that they are performing outreach to originate most of their sales or that they’re using this to hide something.

After doing further research, we realized that they probably do this to use direct sales tactics in order to get you sign up for a full year of service upfront. This is a no-no in most industries, but especially in the growth space. So much can change and you’ll feel like you were scammed.

Service Details

Jumper Media provides two clear-cut services to grow your Instagram:

  • We have a team of real people that will sign into your Instagram account on a phone, and start interacting with your target audience by liking their pictures and viewing their Stories.
  • Partner with mega-influencers to dominate Instagram in a (borderline unfair) new way.

Distilled to our language, they offer “Growth by hand” and “influencer/giveaway growth.” Each has its merits. They also link to an Influencer marketing service that we won’t get into.

Integrity & Reputation

Here’s where things more-or-less fall apart for our friends at Jumper Media.

First, we need to assess the claim that they’re growing accounts by hand.

No bots, no software. Smiling team pictured at the beach in California!

Wow, now that is a massive team. Not to invoke stereotypes, but you probably don’t expect anybody in the first row of this picture to be sitting in a back room writing computer code.

One LinkedIn search tells a different story. The company doesn’t seem to employ a single US-based woman, nor can we find evidence that they ever did.

The picture clearly isn’t fake, right? All the people in the picture have Jumper Media shirts on! Our opinion is that they paid for 15 women from a UCSD sorority to come down for the photoshoot. This is what we alluded to in our opening. The level of deception here is just impressive.

What about that “no software” claim? Seems to me like their Russian programmers might have something to say about that:

Believe it or not, you don’t bring in the Russians to do website design. They’re obviously helping with the underlying platform that grows customers’ accounts. I wonder how the customers feel.

In an extremely-rare display of force on Yelp, people are not happy with Jumper Media.

We’re shocked by what we’ve uncovered here. All of these people can’t be exaggerating. When a company “looks legit” we’re usually hesitant to give bad reviews, but this helps us believe that we should trust our gut instinct.

On Trustpilot, it’s a similar story, though they’ve padded their page with dozens of fake one-sentence reviews.

The one thing that impresses us is that many of the men in the picture above do indeed appear to be employed by Jumper Media. It’s crazy that they run such a thick sales team without adding any other services. Focusing on Instagram growth knowing you’re vulnerable to any and every change Instagram makes must make for a stressful “10,000 sqft office” environment.


This service claims to be a premium player but really it’s the same old type of botting sold directly to unsuspecting targets. They seem to have a large sales team who will sell to customers who won’t do the requisite research which is good for business but bad for customer satisfaction. There is no question why there are so many dissatisfied customers out there. Jumper Media oversells and under-delivers a basic product.

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