F Rating instagram Instagram Growth Service Review

Our Grade – F

A service that is almost certainly complete scam that does not provide a straightforward way to cancel your subscription.

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At a Glance is an Instagram growth service that openly admits to being a bot. Oftentimes, services like these are fraught with contradictions, white lies, and dissatisfied customers. A cheap price usually isn’t enough to make up for this. Yet, people still fall for it.

Business Analysis

Growth TypeBot
Quality of ServiceMedium
Business Registry / LocationUnknown
Traceable TeamNo
Functioning PhoneNo
LongevitySince 2018
Doesn’t Misuse IG BrandingFalse, uses “Insta
Active BlogNo
External SitesNo
Dashboard / Account ManagementUnknown
Offsite TestimoniesTrustpilot
Forthcoming About Password HandlingFalse


Instato is similar to Tree Frog Social as one of the overall cheapest Instagram growth services. $30 per month is a rare price point achieved by few services. Even the $50 per month price is quite good considering you can use multiple accounts.

Warning: A user has informed us that these displayed prices may only be reflected in annual-commitment plans. We generally advise against plans with annual commitments, as too much can go wrong.

Service Details

Instato’s How It Works page does a great job of explaining what you can expect from the service. They’ll take actions while logged into your account with the hope that others will reciprocate those actions. A tale as old as time. Though we generally don’t support bot services, they haven’t lied yet. We’re listening!

Integrity & Reputation

Instato is unique in that they admit to running bot. At some level, we respect that. However, the site fails all basic trust tests. There’s no identifiable team, live support, social media accounts, blog, company mentions, or company page on LinkedIn. This has all the makings of a single-owner service.

Where Instato falls apart is on Trustpilot. It’s common for the more conniving services to post ridiculous review responses or even to pay for fake reviews. Instato does none of that, it’s like the company has completely abandoned ship.

Folks, we’ve got 24 1-star reviews. All recounting specific customer complaints, none responded to by the owner.

Cancelation only performed by email, that’s bad! We could go on and on with these reviews. At the end of the day, Trustpilot is easily abused, but this is a clear example of a company simply not caring about customers. Also, what I’ve noticed in some cases is that the “single owner” won’t be fluent in English and the owner has actually paid for the site content and everything. Sometimes, this also discourages owners from responding on review sites.


There is no upside to trying out this service. The Trustpilot reviews reveal a clear pattern of abuse and violations of customer trust. Any website that recommends or links to Instato in a positive light should be viewed with a high degree of scrutiny.

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