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IGAssistant Instagram Growth Service Review

Our Grade – C-

This is a long-running provider that doesn’t really pass our trust tests and doesn’t appear to have been updated in years.

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At a Glance

IGAssistant is an Instagram growth bot that has been around for many years. The website provides a wealth of information regarding what goes on inside an Instagram growth bot.

This type of service is forbidden by Instagram so it’s surprising that the service hasn’t been shut down. It’s likely located in a foreign country with a single owner despite claiming to be registered in Houston, Texas.

Additionally, our researchers uncovered that the login flow for this website is similar to several other sites that we’ve reviewed here. This means that this provider might be using someone else’s software behind the scenes. That is concerning and doesn’t bode well for the customer.

Business Analysis

Growth TypeManaged SaaS
Quality of ServiceLow
Business Registry / LocationHouston, Texas claimed (but likely offshore)
Traceable TeamNo
Functioning PhoneNo
LongevitySince 2018
Doesn’t Misuse IG BrandingFalse, uses “IG” in name
Active BlogNot updated since 2019
External SitesReddit
Dashboard / Account ManagementNo
Offsite TestimoniesTrustpilot
Forthcoming About Password HandlingNo


IGAssistant’s pricing is hidden behind a login process that requires you to create an account and validate your Instagram account.

Hmm, this login interface looks suspiciously similar to some other services that we’ve reviewed. It’s likely that some providers have purchased a white-labeled growth platform in order to stay in business. This signup flow is generic and we suspect that it did not originate with IGAssistant.

Service Details

This provider admits that it’s running a bot and provides a really nice amount of detail regarding these activities.

These explanations are straightforward and believable.

Integrity & Reputation

Though the business claims to be based in Houston, Texas, there is no evidence backing this up. Further, based on the language used by this company’s Reddit account, this is clearly based in India or another country:

Nobody who speaks English as a first language would address someone as “Dear” on the internet.

There aren’t that many Trustpilot reviews likely because this service hasn’t really been maintained or updated in years. Here is the latest review:

There is no traceable team and in various places on the website, it is clear that whoever wrote the website copy is not a native English speaker.

It’s subtle, but a native English speaker wouldn’t say “draw the attention.”


There isn’t all that much evidence suggesting that this services is a complete scam. We don’t have a favorable view because there’s no transparency and it’s obvious that the owner isn’t actually based in the US. Once we establish that this service runs afoul of Instagram’s guidelines and doesn’t even display prices on the website, there’s not much upside for a customer. It’s likely that the service will be shut down eventually, if it isn’t already operating in a “ghost” state.

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