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Hashtag Fox Instagram Hashtag Tool Review

Our Grade – A-

A trustworthy, highly-functional hashtag discovery tool with no downsides.

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At a Glance

Here at Pretty Good Reviews, we’re cynical. We like investigating shady websites. When we decided to start reviewing Instagram tools, we knew that things would be different. Hashtag Fox is a shining example of the type of service that has us appreciating what a great provider can be. They’re not out to scam you or mislead you–they offer a hashtag discovery tool and other useful metrics that provide real value to your marketing strategy.

Best of all, they provide these metrics in real time unlike any competitors that we are aware of.

The contents of this review will be a little bit different than most others we write, however, the formatting will be similar.

Business Analysis

Service TypeHashtag Tool SaaS
Quality of ServiceHigh
Business Registry / LocationEurope
Traceable TeamYes
Functioning PhoneN/A
Longevity1+ Year
Doesn’t Misuse IG BrandingTrue
Active BlogNo
External SitesNo
Dashboard / Account ManagementYes
Offsite TestimoniesTrustpilot
Forthcoming About Password HandlingN/A


Hashtag Fox costs $30 per month and offers a free trial. At the time of writing, they are offering a special discount for $15 per month! These are great prices considering you’d otherwise have to use an assistant or dig up the hashtags yourself. When you consider that the queries are dispatched as you execute them, this is a really high-value service for the money. Nobody else has a product like this!

Service Details

Hashtag research is a critical part of any Instagram strategy that seeks to gain maximum exposure. Perhaps you are a marketer looking for hashtags to investigate. A tool like this is invaluable and, despite vague suggestions to the contrary, this type of service is not offered by any major growth services.

Setup was almost instant and we were blown away by how well the search function worked. For example, we search for hashtags similar to #newyorkcity.

The results were instant and were up-to-date. Even as we re-ran the query, the results changed slightly. That’s really impressive!

Hashtag Fox can supplement your own organic growth strategy and can help you discover unique insights about your own account’s stats, such as the much-discussed engagement rate!

This is a truly useful stat that is difficult to calculate yourself. It updates regularly. The site also allows you to save your searches and review them later.

Integrity & Reputation

There is nothing to suggest this is a dishonest business. They don’t have to mislead you or convince you otherwise. You can sign up for the free trial, see for yourself, and cancel if you are dissatisfied.

The Trustpilot page has a lot of positive reviews. Some are suspiciously short, we have to admit, but overall the business seems honest. The one negative review was responded to in a way that we deem satisfactory. As you can see above, we use it ourselves–this was not media provided by the business.


Overall, Hashtag Fox is worth using. We use it ourselves and it’s incredibly useful. A tool like this can supplement your Instagram strategy, whether you’re an agency or someone simply trying to expand his or her own account.

Let us know about your experience in the comments or if we missed anything. Would you like to see more Instagram tool provider reviews?

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