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Freeway Social Instagram Growth Service Review

Our Grade – D

A bizarre service making claims that are impossible to substantiate with no transparency and no evidence anywhere that it actually works.

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At a Glance

Freeway Social is an Instagram growth service that claims to have been around since 2012. Wow, that’s significantly longer than any other service we’ve reviewed!

However, the site’s history doesn’t go back nearly that far. Suspiciously positive reviews coupled with bizarre claims on the website have us doubting whether this is a service worth purchasing.

Business Analysis

Growth Type“account managers” and “no password” means … they’re lying about something!
Quality of ServiceUnknown
Business Registry / LocationSunnyvale, CA
Traceable TeamNo
Functioning PhoneNo
Longevity3+ Years
Doesn’t Misuse IG BrandingTrue
Active BlogYes
External SitesNo
Dashboard / Account ManagementUnknown
Offsite TestimoniesTrustpilot
Forthcoming About Password Handling“No password”


This is not a subscription service. These prices are for one-time deals just lasting a few days. If these prices actually would guarantee organic followers, then this would be the best deal in existence. Clearly, this is too good to be true.

Service Details

This service is weird as it makes multiple contradictory statements. The main guarantee is a massive number of organic, targeted followers. How could a provider guarantee such a thing at such a low price? They can’t. Here are some possibilities for what they’re actually doing:

  • Sending massive amounts of bot activity to your account
  • Entering you in bad-quality giveaways where the followers are real but aren’t targeted and won’t stick around
  • Running a cheap ad campaign on your account, proportional to how much money you spend
  • Not getting you anywhere near the amount of followers promised

Freeway Social’s claims simply defy logic. How could they 100% guarantee 200,000 followers?

Truthfully, these are some of the most absurd claims we’ve seen.

Integrity & Reputation

Something doesn’t add up. First of all, the company hasn’t been functioning since 2012. We dug up what appears to be the first iteration of their site where they were offering a “free” service and claimed that millions of people had used it.

2017 Screen Grab

They also list a US-based address which appears to be prime, expensive office space near San Francisco. In actuality, their address is for a shared office space location. In other words, it appears you can pay a small fee and make it look like your company is registered to a legitimate address in Silicon Valley. It also might be possible that it’s just a shared office space. In any event, not being able to locate any founders or perform any due diligence on the business at all is concerning.

Next, we have the Trustpilot reviews. Good lord, do they need to clean up this platform.

All of Freeway Social’s Trustpilot reviews are as generic as possible left from people in foreign countries. It’s simply amazing to me that Trustpilot allows this to happen.

There’s no app.

There’s no app.

Are you serious?

Ultimately, we don’t think this is a particularly popular service. If it was, they’d have more negative reviews. They have very few and seldom are mentioned elsewhere on the internet. If this worked so well, wouldn’t someone, anywhere, be raving about it? Not a single one of these reviews is believable.


Overall, this isn’t a business that I would place my trust in. There are tons of red flags including the fact that we don’t know whether this is a dressed-up SMM panel or actually some one-shot giveaway marketing front. In any case, don’t risk your hard-earned money.

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