XPLOD Social Review

Our Review of XPLOD Social.


Claim: “Instagram Automation” Reality: Instagram Automation


“Machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” sound cool. But the underlying program uses neither of these things. There is nothing markedly “intelligent” about it.

Registered Business – No

Traceable Owners/Team – No

Longevity – Mid-2017.

Testimonials – Several Youtube testimonials by “influencers” are highly suspicious.


Password Handling – They don’t ask for password before asking for payment information.

Payment Processing – Paypal/Stripe

Terms of Service – Seem reasonable.

Cancellation Policy – Unknown

Proof – Does not use Proof.


Price & Features –

Signup process – Asks for payment info before asking for password. Red flag.

Customer Login/Dashboard – No

Password Update – No

Credit Card Update – Unknown

Customer Support – Ticketing + Chat


Blogs & Presence – Inactive blog, nothing else notable.

Advertising – No

Customer Base – Unknown, probably several dozen customers

Known Associated Businesses – Potentially the “Young Dumb Crypto” company. I believe the other testimonials were just paid.


Nice website but does very little to inspire confidence. At least they are somewhat straightforward in saying that it’s a bot.

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