Woomco Review

Our Review of Woomco.

This should be an interesting review!


Claim: “Real Followers – Real Likes – Real Engagement” Reality: They can’t guarantee that any of the activity is real.

Registered Business – No record. Since the name is nonsensical, I have to suspect that the owners are foreign. There are some very old businesses registered in the Czech Republic with this name, so that would be my first guess.

Traceable Owners/Team – No

Longevity – This appears to be a brand new service, with the domain registered just two weeks ago.

Testimonials – They host fake, filler testimonials on an associated website:

Password Handling – They don’t ask for password

Payment Processing – Square

Terms of Service – None

Cancellation Policy – None

Proof – Doesn’t use Proof.


Price & Features –

Signup process – Asks for and does not valid Instagram login. Routes payment through insecure oceanwebguru page before directing you to Google Pay/Square to complete the transaction. Never asks for your password.

Customer Login/Dashboard – No

Password Update – Unknown

Credit Card Update – Unknown

Customer Support – Chat + ticketing system.


Blogs & Presence – No web presence. Possibly related to this old Facebook page last updated in 2013: https://www.facebook.com/woomcompany

Advertising – Yes, this company advertises.

Customer Base – I doubt this service has any customers.

Known Associated Businesses – Almost definitely http://oceanwebguru.com, which is where they route payments through. Additionally, their incomplete testimonials are hosted here. Bad look.


Very shady recently-created website with no terms & conditions, no traceable business or team, and no reviews anywhere. I rarely suspect this, but there is a possibility that there is no product at all here and that the owners are routing customers through another service. Honestly, I would be surprised if the product worked at all. No, this website wasn’t featured by any media outlets.

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