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Claim: “Real followers, no fakes Grow your Instagram and gain 1000-2000+ real human followers per month – who can engage with you.” Reality: This is a lofty claim. Nobody can guarantee that followers are real. If it wasn’t obvious, this is a bot.

Registered Business – Unclear

Traceable Owners/Team – Yes. The owner openly discloses his involvement:

Longevity – Seems to have launched in January 2018

Testimonials – There are very few reviews online, but a few reference having negative experiences, as is typical.

Password Handling – They ask for password upfront. I highly suspect that this password is stored as plain text.

Payment Processing – Paypal

Terms of Service – Standard, though kind of generic

Cancellation Policy – Unclear

Proof – Website does not use Proof


Price & Features –

Signup process – Short, standard

Customer Login/Dashboard – No

Password Update – Unclear

Credit Card Update – Can be done with Paypal

Customer Support – Email only


Blogs & Presence – Facebook and LinkedIn pages, but no blog.

Advertising – Unknown

Customer Base – I estimate that this service has less than 100 concurrent customers. However, the service claims to have handled “more than 1500 customers.”

Known Associated Businesses – None


Pretends like they aren’t doing what everyone else is doing, but the argument is not convincing or substantiated by anything.

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