SocialFlight Review

Our Review of SocialFlight.


Claim: “Grow your account fast and get 100% real followers that are actually interested in your posts.” Reality: There is no way to guarantee 100% real followers with any type of marketing campaign. This is a bot.

Registered Business – Confusingly shares a name with an aviation app also called Social Flight. I was unable to determine whether this is a registered company or not.

Traceable Owners/Team – Unknown

Longevity – Seems to have been started in May 2018.

Testimonials – I could not find any objective testimonials.

Password Handling – Makes you pay before asking for your password. Dishonest and misleading.

Payment Processing – Uses Stripe

Terms of Service – Standard

Cancellation Policy – Standard

Proof – Website uses Proof.


Price & Features –

Signup process – Straightforward, though they don’t ask for password upfront.

Customer Login/Dashboard – Yes, advanced.

Password Update – Unknown

Credit Card Update – Unknown

Customer Support – Support tickets and chat.


Blogs & Presence – No blog, not much of a web presence

Advertising – Unknown

Customer Base – No estimate.

Known Associated Businesses – None


Seems like a standard automated service.

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