MySocialGrowth Review

Our Review of MySocialGrowth.


Claim: “Put Instagram growth on autopilot and get back to focusing on more important things in your business and life.” Reality: It’s a bot, but they’re not trying to hide it.

The website has been around for two months. How could this possibly be true?

Registered Business – No

Traceable Owners/Team – No

Longevity – Two months

Testimonials – None

Password Handling – Doesn’t ask upfront. Red flag.

Payment Processing – Stripe

Terms of Service – None

Cancellation Policy – Kind of sketchy

Proof – Doesn’t use Proof.


Price & Features –

Signup process – They ask for payment before asking for password

Customer Login/Dashboard – No

Password Update – No

Credit Card Update – Unsure

Customer Support – Ticketing only


Blogs & Presence – None aside from dead Facebook page.

Advertising – Advertises.

Customer Base – Very, very small.

Known Associated Businesses – None


Relatively new business that is untrustworthy. Not worth trying.

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