GramGrowing Review

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Our Review of GramGrowing.


Claim: “Don’t waste your time or money on services that promise you ‘real’ growth but instead just give you ghost or foreign followers.” Reality: This is a service that promises you real growth yet has no way of deterring ghost or foreign followers.

Shockingly, the claim of 450 (not necessarily active) customers seems somewhat substantiated. The website didn’t claim this at launch, and a few months ago it claimed to have 300 customers.

Yet, at the same price of botting services. Tell me more.

Registered Business – Yes. Except the registered address is presumably one of the founder’s parents’ house.

Traceable Owners/Team – Yes! In one of the best examples of transparency, the founders identify themselves.

Longevity – Early 2018

Testimonials – None

Password Handling – They don’t ask for your password until after you pay.

Payment Processing – Paypal/Stripe

Terms of Service – Clear

Cancellation Policy – Not streamlined

Proof – Uses Proof.


Price & Features – This is a premium service

Signup process – Asks for billing info in first screen

Customer Login/Dashboard – Unknown

Password Update – Unknown

Credit Card Update – Unknown

Customer Support – Ticketing only


Blogs & Presence – Blog updated regularly.

Advertising – None

Customer Base – Over 450 customers

Known Associated Businesses – None


This is a legitimate growth service that advertises deceptively. There are some red flags, but, compared to other services, it doesn’t seem that bad. Unfortunately, they’re charging premium prices but I doubt you’d be able to tell the difference between them and other growth services.

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